1 Year of Whitmanythoughts

A few days ago, a sweet little memory popped up on Facebook: my first blog post on Whitmanythoughts. I cannot believe it has been a year since I started writing about my travels. I feel like I have written so much, yet have so much more to share.

I have expressed over and over again how amazing of a year it has been and how thankful I am for all I have gotten to experience. From traveling around Europe for two weeks with my grandfather to skiing in Park City, Utah with my dad, it has been a thrilling ride.


I often wonder what will happen to my blog after I finish my time here in Australia. I know I won’t actually be traveling for quite some time, so I won’t have so many new and exciting things to write about. I can definitely see my content changing a bit to adapt to my (not as cool) lifestyle back at home. I do want to focus on my feelings a bit more and incorporate them into my writing so it is not so cut and dry. In the end, I realize I control my blog and as long as I like it, everything is dandy. In reality, every day is a new adventure, and I know I will have things to talk about.

Plus, this is WhitmanyTHOUGHTS for a reason: I have oodles of thoughts and I want to share them. I have so many things constantly swirling through my mind that I would love to turn into “thought” posts. I am not looking for fame with this site, and I am so happy with the 100 followers that I have. Although it would be nice to turn this blog into something larger in the future, I am so contented writing for the sake of my own memory and for my family.

I do have so much to still share. I have posts from my weekend getaways in Italy last summer as well as my extended trips in Australia this semester saved in my computer, yearning to see the light. Although I won’t be “traveling,” I have so many exciting things coming up in the second half of the year, from summer at the shore to a Fall Concert Series 2.0 to hopefully spending some time with international visitors…but I will just keep it at that.

My global travels may soon be over, but the adventures continue. Life is beautiful.  It is not always perfect, but one thing I have been reminding myself is that life does not give me obstacles that I cannot handle. Here’s to the last year of travel, here’s to my time left in Australia and here is to the next year of Whitmanythoughts.

Whitmanythought1: This has been the most epic year of my life and I am so thankful.

Whitmanythought2: How do I still have friends on Facebook with all the posts I share?

Whitmanythought3: Can I just keep travelling for another year?


A Reflection of My Blog

It seems that I often find random sparks of passions to write on my blog; however, those moments are never times during which I can actually write. Then when I go to write, I have absolutely nothing to say. I see this as a concern, considering I am a journalism major. A person who wants to write and talk for a living and does not know how to put her thoughts into words—scary, right?


I know my blog is quite mediocre, but it still makes me happy. Although I am not reaching the world with this small space for my thoughts and travels, every time my grandparents comment on a new blog blog post or say how it brightens up their day, I can’t help but smile. I have wanted to upgrade my site into an actual “.com” for a while, but things such as a job, classes, an internship, extra-curricular activities, a social life and my lack of computer skills have seemed to step in the way.

My main concern, I suppose, is that I put out content that I am proud of and that I allow the outside to have a glimpse into my mind. I did not write as much as I wanted to during the semester, but I did not completely leave my little sanctuary behind in the dust like some people who claim they get swallowed by life do.

This blog post is actually a little challenge for me to spew out my thoughts and warm up my brain so I can actually start writing about what I wanted to write about for so long. So, this little post will end up in the “Thoughts” section of my blog for all to see who may be interested in learning about how I think. To whoever reads this, I hope I have interested you with my thoughts.