MTV Video Music Awards 2016: FAQs

Almost two weeks have passed since I experienced the most insane show of my life: the MTV 2016 Video Music Awards. I have been asked a decent amount of questions about my dream night, so I thought it would be beneficial to address them here for any other curious readers.


How was it?

Obviously it was AMAZING. It was different than I expected, though. On television, the award show looks like an ongoing party. In reality, as I said in my previous post, it is a constant rotation of performances, awards and seemingly never-ending commercial breaks. However, I saw some of the most iconic people in the industry and performances of the top songs from the year. Nothing will ever beat that.

How did you get tickets?

I went to a taping of MTV’s Joking Off and there was a raffle at the end. I rarely win anything, but somehow I was lucky enough to spare a pair of tickets.

How did you get to go to the taping of Joking Off?

I get my show tickets through an incredible website called 1iota. I highly recommend using this site to retrieve tickets to show tapings and special events in the largest cities in America.

Where were your seats?

Well, I did not actually have seats. I was in the pit section, which is the section of animated fans going crazy, jumping and dancing around the stage. I was about five feet from the stage. Yes, it was magical.

Before the celebs arrived

Was it crowded?

I felt like a sardine.

How did you pick an outfit to wear?

Of course, this was not easy. 1iota gives some guidelines and even included a few pictures of sample outfits. I actually bought a cute skirt and crop top hook-up, but I thought it would be too fancy to wear in a pool of random, sweaty people. Then, I was going to wear an outfit I already owned. Finally, I decided on my sister’s old homecoming dress. I saw it and it just seemed perfect for the event. I made sure to wear comfy shoes, as I knew it would be a long night. My mom had the perfect pair of sandal wedges that were stylish and comfy.


Did you meet any celebrities?

I wish! However, I made awkward eye contact with Mac Miller (who was looking very cozy with Ariana Grande all night).

Do you have any more questions regarding my night? Let me know!



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