Dublin: Liffey River Tour

Two thirds of the day’s plans were completed and after a quick nap to rejuvenate ourselves, we were ready for our boat tour. This was a simple 45-minute tour through the company Liffey River Cruises. The skipper and tour guide were very friendly and it was easy to listen to them. Here are a few things I learned:

Liffey River
  • There were about 6,000 people working along the river just to help with the shipping and unloading of items carried by boat. However, in the 1960s shipping containers were introduced and within weeks, thousands lost their jobs.
  • Dublin is a popular city to hold as a European headquarter for many companies including Twitter, Airbnb, Google Ireland, Yahoo and so on.
  • One can get through the whole country of Ireland by boat.
  • There are salmon, trout, crabs, seals and other marine life found in the Lippy River. (yay, seals!)
  • Two of Dublin’s adjacent bridges are named after famous Irish playwrights. Can you guess who? Sean O’Casey and Samuel Beckett.
  • Samuel Beckett’s writing won him a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969. O’Casey’s writing started riots.
  • Ships in the Liffey river often had painted canon holes to look like they had adequate protection.
  • Some crews covered their canon holes and disguised themselves as rich sailors, so when they lured in the pirates, the could surprise attack them.

It was a swell ride, and by the time it was over, the rain finally stopped. Pop Pop and I scoped out a great place for fish and chips and to our enjoyment, it was right next to a Gelato place. I actually ended u getting michi for dessert, which is gelato covered in a rice cake. Basically, it is the mochi one would expect from a Japanese restaurant.

Gelato and Michi

We strolled through a back street to explore a bit, and then headed to the water to take a few pictures before retiring to our hotel. We had an early night, but considering we were running on two to three hours of sleep, we didn’t mind that we were not out and about in this amazing city.

Dublin really surprised me. It reminds me of Baltimore, Maryland and Venice, Italy mixed together. It is a beautiful, clean, modern, friendly and crowded city with a river through it and bridges to connect one side to the other. I am so fortunate I got to visit, even if it was just for a day. Maybe one day I’ll be back and will get see some awesome Irish castle and kiss the Blarney Stone.

On the Sean O’Casey Bridge overlooking the tour boat (red boat to the left), a replica of a ship used to sail across the ocean (behind the red boat) and the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Next stop—Paris!


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