Skyping Across the World


I just skyped with two Europeans. One was in Rome and the other was traveling who knows where in Europe. The things that technology can do are amazing. Even more amazing, however, are the projects these two Europeans I connected with are using technology for and the fact that I get to work with them this summer.

During my Roman study abroad trip through The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, better known as “SCO in Rome,” I will be working with a nonprofit called “Shoot4Change.” This group binds together amateur and professional photographers, videographers, designers and artists who shoot humanitarian exposures. The group’s motto is “Shoot Local, Change Global.” The aim is to engage in photo storytelling to bring local social issues to life, free of charge. S4C believes that information can change lives and that everyone should be free to express his views and opinions.

The group of students and I, also known as the self-dubbed “Hofstra Romans,” are super excited to dive into Roman culture by working with S4C. So far, we plan to help with some of its biggest projects: documenting the serious political consequences from the earthquake in L’Aquila that destroyed the area several years ago and the Syrian refugee crisis. The gentleman we skyped with, Antonio Amendola, the founder of the Shoot4Change, and Andrea Ranalli, seemed equally enthusiastic.

The next time I speak to them, it will be in person in Rome, Italy. Stay tuned for more updates!



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