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From the Big Blue to the Concrete Jungle

On the water in the morning and by afternoon, walking through a bustling fair on 8th Street, NYC. That was my Saturday. If that could be my life regularly, that would be one successful life. A trip to NYC is not something I will write about often, as I attend school on Long Island and frequently… Continue reading From the Big Blue to the Concrete Jungle

america, New Jersey, North America

A Reel Great Day

Being in the sea opens up a new appreciation for nature's beauty within me. I am surrounded by an ocean so large and so deep, I can only skim the surface of the majestic mysteries it has to offer.

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Skyping Across the World

I just skyped with two Europeans. One was in Rome and the other was traveling to who knows where in Europe. The things that technology can do are amazing. Even more amazing, however, are the projects these two Europeans are using technology for and the fact that I get to work with them this summer.… Continue reading Skyping Across the World